Are you a new REVOLV Salon client?  

Have you been putting off your appointment with REVOLV and your hair is starting to scare your children?

Did you try coloring your hair with store bought goop and you don't want to go out in public?

Did another salon botch your hair style or color so bad that your own mother won't be seen with you?

Is the new and improved shampoo/conditioner from the grocery store making your hair fall out in clumps?

Yeah...Yeah....We know that some of the above scenarios may be a little far fetched, but they do happen! REVOLV Salon wants to give clients the chance to get their butts in our chair at "a moments notice". 

GOOD NEWS.....Now offering ONLINE Booking!! Please click on the BOOK ONLINE icon at the right of the page to reserve an appointment.  

Due to appointment No-Shows, you will now be required to either book your first appointment in-person or by phone to provide needed contact information.  At your first appointment, you will be given a username and password to access the online appointment book. If you are a current client of REVOLV Salon, please ask your stylist for your username and password. We are sorry for any inconvenience as we institute this new policy.

***Online booking may be limited to specific REVOLV stylists. If your stylist is not listed, please  contact them at the phone number listed on their Stylist page.***


Call 419-352-2046


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